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Putting aside the question of just how many dinners you can eat in one day, expecting that you will spend every holiday with your kids may just not be realistic. What’s more, since there are no court ordered holiday schedules for adult children, you and your ex may be vying for time with your kids during the holidays. That will make your kids feel guilty and put even more stress on them during an already stressful time.
There are many people in Japan who keep it to themselves without telling their parents when they start dating someone new. This isn't because people don't wait to introduce their partner to their parents! It's because in Japanese culture, there is a strong sense that introducing your partner to your parents is a sign that you are seriously dating with a view towards getting married. Of course, this doesn't apply to everyone. Some people have a closer, more friendly relationship with their parents. From the perspective of a woman, it seems like a lot of people also confide in their mother but keep things from their father if he's on the stricter side.
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Several such men tell me that they, like Tom, feel less pressure to perform stoicism for their female friends. Greif says most people tend to feel more relaxed with people who are like themselves, but that some people just don’t enjoy spending time with their “reference group.” Jake, 27, says he connects better with women because he doesn’t enjoy the stereotypical twin pillars of male hangs: sports and drinking. In a survey Greif conducted, 80 percent of men said that most of their time with male friends is spent discussing sports. “There are women that talk about sports, and there are men that don’t just talk about sports,” Greif adds. “But there’s a sense that if you’re a man and you want to make friends with a man, you’re better off if you either played sports or are able to talk a little bit about sports.” A study in Sex Roles suggested that men bonded over activities—like sports, video games, and going out to bars to meet women—and reserved “emotional sharing” for their opposite-sex partners. Women, according to the study, just kind of marinated in each other’s company.

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